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Khadijah Brown 


Khadijah A Brown has a passion for helping to better the lives of individuals around her as well as the members of society many of us forget. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Khadijah’s motto was to always make the best out of any situation and reach for every dream no matter the opposition. As a teenager, Khadijah always had a passion for learning new things and constantly challenging herself and others around her to think outside the box.


 At the age of 15, Khadijah was chosen for an IT-Apprenticeship program at Lockheed Martin Corporation. The three-year program was designed to introduce juniors to the Information Technology field and required extensive technical training. Khadijah was bused to Lockheed’s King of Prussia office two days out the week, where she learned various technical programs such as Access, Excel, Java, DOORS, MATLAB and C++, among others. She regularly participated in National Engineer's Week and quickly learned how to solve complex problems as well as writing high-level Systems Requirements. Upon graduating High School and the successful completion of the Apprenticeship program Khadijah was offered a full-time job with Lockheed’s Systems Integration-Space Systems Division where she obtained an SCI Security Clearance. She also began studying Computer Science and attending college full-time. Khadijah quickly became a valued member of the team and was invited to brief at a Director’s Technical Review in Denver, CO. Khadijah received the SPOT award for performance as well as her commitment to learning new concepts.


After eight years at Lockheed Martin, Khadijah was laid off. She attributes much of her success and maturity to the many mentors and the leadership team at Lockheed Martin. At Lockheed she learned the value of teamwork, adaption to change and interpersonal communication, which she believes has helped her navigate throughout her life and career. 

Khadijah did not allow this minor setback to derail her journey. Shortly after she changed major’s and enrolled in Temple University’s - Fox School of Business. She believed this change of pace would enhance her skill sets and give her the ability to be more effective in business relationships and technological industries. 


Khadijah has had the opportunity of interning with JP Morgan Chase in their Global Technology Infrastructure division as well as a successful career as a Retention Specialist with Comcast Business. Both roles have taught her the importance of discipline, commitment, and effective communication. 


As a first-generation college graduate, Khadijah learned early on the challenges many people within her own socioeconomic communities faced. She often thought of ways to make a bigger more meaningful impact. In June 2017, Khadijah lost her father, mentor, and friend.  This changed the way she viewed life and overall success. She looked at the communities around her and the impoverished conditions that led many down the wrong path. She wondered what would happen if more families where reunited and certain individuals were really given a second chance. She thought of how the current and future generations would be impacted. She saw the devastation first hand within her own family and community and the daily struggles many faced upon leaving prison. She prayed an asked God for a solution and a re-entry program for convicted felons was placed on her heart. The program focuses on a Holistic approach to reentry and the full development of each individual. Khadijah believes everyone deserves a second chance and a program that is designed to develop you through love and essential resources is the best choice. 

"The most successful people I know.... Lean on the people who Believe in them, and push onward with their goals."                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Michelle Obama