Meet Our Founder

Khadijah A Brown has a passion for helping to better the lives of individuals around her as well as the members of society many of us forget. She has always had a passion for learning new things and constantly challenges herself and others to think outside the box. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Khadijah’s motto has always been to “make the best out of any situation; regardless of the opposition.” 


Khadijah began a career in Information Technology very early on and was hired by Lockheed Martin Corporation. She worked full-time in a highly classified environment; which required her to obtain an SCI Security Clearance, to work on sensitive programs. There, she was exposed to System Engineering Methodology and various technical trainings. She has extensive experience writing high-level system requirements, as well as writing and running test programs to test system functionality. She quickly became a valued member of the team and was invited to brief at a director’s technical review in Denver, CO. Khadijah received several awards for her performance, commitment to learning new concepts and implementing effective change. 

After eight years at Lockheed Martin, Khadijah was laid off. She attributes much of her success and maturity to the leadership team within Lockheed. At Lockheed, she learned the value of teamwork, adaption to change and interpersonal communication; these skills have helped her to navigate her life and career. 


Khadijah is a graduate of Temple University’s, Fox School of Business. As a first-generation college graduate, she learned early on the unique challenges many people within her own socioeconomic communities faced. The exposure to Temple University’s - Fox School of Business, enabled her to secure an internship with JP Morgan Chase in their Global Technology Infrastructure division as well as a successful career with Comcast Business. Both roles have taught her the importance of discipline, commitment, and effective communication. 


In June 2017, Khadijah lost her father, mentor, and friend. This changed the way she viewed life and overall success. She looked at the communities around her, the impoverished conditions that led many down the wrong path. She saw the devastation first-hand; watching friends and family leave prison and return home with little hope. She often thought of ways to make a bigger more meaningful impact within her community. She prayed and asked God for a solution; He laid a re-entry program on her heart. Khadijah founded, A Dream Deferred Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on a holistic approach to prisoner re-entry, as well as dismantles the stigma associated with incarceration. 


Khadijah believes everyone deserves a second chance, and a program that is designed to develop you through love and essential resources is the best choice. She has since, dedicated her life to bringing about positive change and ending mass incarceration. She also mentors’ current inmates and those whom have been released. She has implemented Project Redemption, a nationwide project that focuses on removing the stigma associated with being incarcerated.


 “These stories empower and bring about positive change within the community, as well as encourage potential employers to give citizens returning home from incarceration a second chance,” says Khadijah.  


Khadijah is a recent Cancer Survivor, actress and author. She has recently published her first book “Turning Our Hearts Back to God” in February 2020. 

             "A Dream Deferred is still a Dream!"                                                                                                                                -Khadijah Brown

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